About KRAA

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KRAA Security was founded in 2007 to address the security needs of companies in all industries through a combination of Managed Security Services and Consulting Services. KRAA Security protects organizations from threats through a combination of preventative services in Application Security, Network Security, Operating System Security and Compliance measures. Our team of expert professionals with deep industry experience provide a defense-in-depth strategy to address all security needs. Our Managed Security Services provides User Defense, System Defense, Intrusion Defense, Vulnerability Defense and Email Defense on a 24/7 basis. Our management capabilities covers areas such as Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems, Firewall management, Managed VPN Service, Content Filtering, Website monitoring, Virus scanning, Spam filtering, Vulnerability scanning, Phishing and Pharming defense and Host Intrusion detection. We provide management, monitoring and problem resolution for your security needs through our integrated security services portal.  http://www.kraasecurity.com