Starting a company is not for the weak kneed. It takes a lot of ambition, hopefully a good idea, maybe a dash of luck and a buyer. Maybe you are launching a new mobile app for the iPhone, IPad, and Android and just about any other mobile platform out there. So your new startup company will sell mobile applications. But what else goes into starting this company? You need a website to promote your application. You need to send out press releases. You need to design a logo. You need to so some social media marketing. And about a hundred other things.

Startup Challenge
The challenge is doing all of this on a budget. You do not even know if you will make money so putting a lot of money into upfront costs might not be feasible. I have faced these same challenges in the several companies I have worked on. But the wonderful thing about this whole “cloud economy” me we are living in is that there is a site that can help you with just about everything you need, and for a reasonable price.

When I someone told me about Fiverr ( I thought it was pretty funny idea. What will people do for $5? I thought about what I would do for $5 and the list is probably too long for this post and might scare the faint of heart. My first foray into the site was fun. You can have a guy dance around in gorilla costume for $5.

startup company fiverr

Or you can have a guy scream like a psychopath. I am sure someone will find that valuable.


startup company fiverr

startup company with fiverr



But as you delve into there are a lot of great services for $5. (Btw, I have no other interest in Fiverr other than I think it’s a great service.)  You can have some write your press release and have someone else distribute it to 10 press release sites for $5 each. It would take at least 30 minutes to write a good press release and another 30 to distribute it to multiple sites. So $10 for an hour of work is probably not a bad deal.

Fiverr press release distribution

You can find some very valuable services in just about every area you need to build your business. For a limited budget, its a pretty good start.

There are some other great sites you can use to get your company off the ground including Odesk (, Elance (, Guru ( and TenBux ( among others. Save your money where you can when starting a company and good luck!

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